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Picture of Dr. Reynolds Welcome to the “new” DISAM website! I say that as we recently changed things that should allow greater access to our website by international partners. Over the last year or two, it has been a constant battle to provide access to those who really needed DISAM information around the world. We do believe that problem is now remedied. However, please help get the word out and let us know if you still encounter problems. We won’t know unless you tell us.
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Upcoming Classes

Shown below are DISAM classes scheduled for this month and/or next month. Classes are held on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio unless indicated otherwise. Please see the Class Schedule for a complete list of all upcoming classes.
8 - 12 Feb SCM-C
22 - 26 Feb SCM-CS
22 - 25 Feb SCM-CR
Randolph AFB, TX
29Feb - 24Mar SCM-O
29Feb - 24Mar SCM-O
29Feb - 4Mar SCM-TO
29Feb - 18Mar SCM-IFL
29Feb - 11Mar SCM-OM
29Feb - 11Mar SCM-IFL
14 - 24 Mar SCM-OM
14 - 24 Mar SCM-IFL
14 - 17 Mar SCM-CR
Tinker AFB, OK
Updated: 2/2/2016 @ 5:45 AM

News & Notices

New Learning Guide

The Training Plan Analysis learning guide is available for those involved in international training management. This learning guide consists of seven exercises for the user to review Bandaria's Standardized Training List (STL), Combined Education and Training Plan (CETPP), and the Congressional Budget Justification (CBJ). After reviewing the documents, the user will then have to determine if the type of training in each track on the STL provides strong or weak support for the listed goals and objectives supporting strategic, regional, and country-level planning. It can be found under the "Training Management" tab on the left hand side of the "Online Learning/Learning Guides" page of the DISAM website.

Mobile device compatible learning guides

DISAM is in the process of converting some of our learning guides to HTML5 format to better interface with mobile devices. Mobile devices must have iOS version 8 (or higher) or Android OS version 4.4 Kit Kat (or above). The following Internet browsers (and later versions) support HTML5: Internet Explorer 9; Safari 5.1; and Google Chrome 17. Learning guides that are in the HTML5 format are "Understanding the MAPAD", "MILSTRIP for FMS", and "Training Plan Analysis" with more on the way.

New Green Book version

DISAM is now using the 34.1, August 2015 edition of The Management of Security Cooperation textbook. You will find the new edition linked under the "Quick Links" heading to the right.