Commandant's Corner

Picture of Dr. Reynolds Welcome to the DISAM website! Let me give you, a brief update on what’s going on at DISAM.

DISAM continues to be “a busy place” as FY13 was the third year within the last four with total DISAM student throughput exceeding 10,000 students encompassing all programs. We continue to pursue meeting DISAM training requirements; we’re currently at 92.5% for the entire community as we stress maintaining the 95% metric instituted in 2010. It continues to be a challenge, but slightly less than half of those deficient can correct their situation by simply accomplishing on-line requirements.

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Upcoming Courses

Shown below are all DISAM courses starting this month and next month. See the Class Schedule for a complete list of all upcoming courses.
1 - 4 AprSCM-MET
1 - 3 AprIPSR3
7 - 11 AprSCM-C
28 Apr - 22 MaySCM-O
30 Apr - 9 MaySCM-IO
30 Apr - 15 MaySCM-I-Training
30 Apr - 15 MaySCM-I-Logistics
30 Apr - 15 MaySCM-I-Financial
5 - 16 MaySCM-MET
12 - 15 MaySCM-IT
12 - 15 MaySCM-IL
12 - 15 MaySCM-IF
19 - 23 MaySCM-C
19 - 23 MaySCM-CF

News & Notices

New DISAM Learning Guides

DISAM has added several new learning guides under Online Learning.   These include individual modules from our SCM-OC course, each of which is presented as a stand-alone learning guide for your convenience and ready reference.   Among the new entries are:
- International Training Management
- Logistics
- FMS Financial Management
- DCS and FMS Comparison
- Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP)
DISAM invites you to check out these new learning guides, complete with a printable continuity book, and others.
Updated GMAP application & recommendation forms now available!
New Lessons Learned / Best Practices On SCIP