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Picture of Dr. Reynolds Welcome to the DISAM website! Let me give you, a brief update on what’s going on at DISAM.

DISAM continues to be “a busy place” as FY13 was the third year within the last four with total DISAM student throughput exceeding 10,000 students encompassing all programs. We continue to pursue meeting DISAM training requirements; we’re currently at 92.5% for the entire community as we stress maintaining the 95% metric instituted in 2010. It continues to be a challenge, but slightly less than half of those deficient can correct their situation by simply accomplishing on-line requirements.

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Upcoming Classes

Shown below are DISAM classes scheduled for this month and/or next month. Classes are held on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio unless indicated otherwise. Please see the Class Schedule for a complete list of all upcoming classes.
22 - 26 Sep SCM-CM
22 - 26 Sep SCM-AO
Lackland AFB, TX
22 - 26 Sep SCM-C
22 - 26 Sep SCM-C
23 - 25 Sep IPSR3
Pax River, MD
7 - 9 Oct IPSR3
Huntsville, AL
15 - 17 Oct IPSR3
Eglin AFB, FL
19 - 25 Oct SCM-O
Eskan Village,
20Oct - 7Nov SCM-IFL
20Oct - 14Nov SCM-O
21 - 23 Oct IPSR3
Lorton, VA
Updated: 9/19/2014 @ 8:04 PM

News & Notices

New DISAM Learning Guide

Under the DSCA Presentations tab of Online Learning, DISAM has added a new learning guide titled “Congressional Notifications for FMS.” While the learning guide contains valuable information for anyone involved in FMS, the primary target audience is security assistance personnel in Implementing Agencies (IAs) whose duties involve FMS case development. DSCA developed this learning guide to help ensure IA personnel understand the legal and policy requirements for the Congressional notification of FMS cases under §36(b) of the Arms Export Control Act. The guide includes an introduction to Significant Military Equipment (SME) and Major Defense Equipment (MDE), the required elements of a Congressional notification package prepared by the IAs, the associated handling/staffing requirements, and the factors that trigger subsequent notifications for FMS cases and programs previously notified.

DISAM encourages you to check out this informative new learning guide at our Online Learning home page.

Temporary Suspension of the Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP)

As the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) is nearing completion of the Agency Strategic Plan, 2015-2020, a few areas regarding the SC Community Programs have been identified as requiring further analysis and review. GMAP is one of those areas. Therefore, while the analysis is being completed, the DSCA sponsorship for classes which were scheduled to begin in March and July of 2015 will be suspended. Students currently enrolled with graduation dates in 2015 will continue normally. When the analysis is complete, we will advise the community on the status of GMAP.
The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) has evaluated and recommended college credit for six DISAM courses. Visit the Ace Equivalency Course Information page for more information.

The Management of Security Cooperation
(Green Book) 33rd Edition Posted

Updated GMAP application & recommendation forms now available!