DISAM currently offers a variety of online courses and learning guides for the Security Cooperation Community. Below is a summary of our online services as provided by our Online Learning Directorate (DISAM/DO). You can find each course and learning guide listed in the column to the left. There you can browse for more information and register, if you desire.

Online Courses

DISAM’s online courses require student registration and award a certificate for successful completion. Most courses are self-paced, which means the student may register and start at any time. Anticipated time for completion is provided in the course information for each course. The MTCR-OL course (Missile Technology Control Regime Online) is facilitated by a DISAM instructor and is therefore conducted on specific dates (provided on DISAM’s homepage and under the Class Schedule tab when you click on MTCR-OL to the left). Eligibility varies for each course. The introductory Security Cooperation Management Familiarization Course (SCM-FA-OL), is open to the general public, including international partner personnel. Other courses are open only to USG or DoD contract personnel with specific responsibilities. Additionally, SCM-OC-OL also serves as a prerequisite for DISAM’s resident SCM-C course.

Students may apply for DISAM online courses by submitting an online registration form. DISAM reserves the right to confirm a student’s identity and eligibility upon receipt of a registration request. After students receive an email approval from the DISAM Registrar, they may begin their online study through Blackboard, which can be accessed at Blackboard Login at the left.

If you experience any difficulty accessing the DISAM Blackboard website, please contact the DISAM Online Learning Help Desk.

Learning Guides

DISAM’s learning guides are "just in time" informational lessons on specific topics. As such, they do not require student registration and do not award a certificate. Each guide can be accessed directly by clicking on the "BEGIN TRAINING" button found on each learning guide page listed at the left.

New to Security Cooperation? Where Do I Start?

If you have no prior training in security cooperation or security assistance, DISAM recommends the following sequence of training, in order:
  1. SCM-FA-OL – A short familiarization on Security Cooperation and its components as conducted by DoD and more broadly by the US Government.
  2. IPSR-OL – if your duties require routine or occasional work in “international programs,” which refers to security cooperation programs with partner nations, DoD policy requires you to take this online course or its resident equivalent (IPSR). Additionally, this is a prerequisite for attendance at DISAM’s SCM-C course.
  3. If your duties require further training, you would normally be scheduled for resident training at DISAM, primarily SCM-C for personnel in CONUS-based organizations or SCM-O (or SCM-AO) for personnel in Security Cooperation Organizations overseas or in CCMD headquarters. However, if you wish, you may continue your online learning with SCM-OC-OL. Note that SCM-OC-OL is also a prerequisite (along with IPSR-OL or its equivalent) for attendance at SCM-C or SCM-CX.

Accommodating Students with Special Needs

The student is responsible for advising the DISAM Registrars should the student have an impairment that impedes access to the courseware online. DISAM's Online Learning Directorate in coordination with the employee's supervisor will arrange an alternate means of delivering the course to the student.